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The Happy Story of Pampered Pet Sitters

Meet Lori and Tillis

Pampered Pet Sitting, Inc. was started in 2004 by Chelle Wollner in order to devote herself to the trusted care of your pets when you must be away from home.

After 12 years of devotion to one of Chelle’s passions, she officially retired and sold Pampered Pet Sitting to Lori Garst and her now husband (congratulations!) Tillis Ross in January 2016. Lori has been a professional pet sitter and in the business for 20 years. We are expecting to provide you with the same quality service and compassion for your pets as Chelle has.

It's important that when someone is watching your precious pet, that you know exactly who it is that is caring for your pet - especially in your own house. When Lori and Tillis purchased Pampered Pet Sitting from Chelle, their number one goal was to keep that same personalized care in place, but structure the company to ensure your pet is taken care with individual team powered by a team.

Cute cat and dog
Started the Company
Started by Chelle Wollner who loved pets and animals so much that she dedicated her career to taking care of other's pets.
Continuous Care
Caring for Atlanta's pets and catering to pet owners needs with a dedicated team of caring pet professionals.
New Owners
Lori Garst and her fiancé Tillis Ross purchase the business from Chelle. Lori's 20 years of experience has helped the staff go to new heights.
Lori and Tillis

Lori and Tillis

OWNERS AND PET LOVERS With more than 20 years of pet sitting experience buying Pampered pet Sitting, Lori and Tillis have embarked on a new partnership.  Our team congratulates Lori and Tillis on their wedding!

We are Hiring Pet Sitters

If you are an experienced pet sitter or dog walker who loves animals more than you could type into a website, We should talk!


At Pampered Pet Sitting We Offer:
 Caring ownership
 Professional team environment
 Excellent work environment