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Your Cat's Purr-fect Sitter

Do you need someone to spend time with your kitties while you're away so they don’t feel lonely? Most of the families we work with travel a number of times throughout the year and we have become a trusted part of their extended family.

Your kitties get to know their sitter and become a special friend that they are very happy to see when their family goes away. We, not only, take care of their basic needs but they get lots of petting, pampering, holding for those that like it and lots of stimulation with kitty play.

Your kitties stay in their own home, receiving the loving attention and company they have come to expect. You can relax and enjoy your trip knowing that your cats are cared for by someone who is passionate about them as well as being mature, reliable and responsible, someone you can trust.

Key Benefits For Your Cat and You!

  • Lots of attention, love, pampering and kitty games
  • Food and fresh water daily, including special diets and cleaning their dishes
  • Litter box scooping and accident clean up
  • Special care if needed; medications, etc.
  • Emailing you updates if you would like

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